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Charity Women Empowerment

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Uddan is the project which allow social disadvantage women to get train in an Employable Skill Training Program.





Pragatee Foundation

About the Fundraiser


This is right time to work for empowerment of women and increases their moral. Looking at the current strata of the socially and economically disadvantaged women there is lack of awareness and facility in the field of health, hygiene and education. The women from this community are much more behind the level of empowerment. As this community are still in the era of “Bhurka” & “Ghungat” system.


Target Group

Victims of domestic violence, widows, deserted women, divorcees, landless laborers, urban slum area women, unskilled and disadvantage women from rural areas, self help group (SHG) etc.

We need a fund for training socially disadvantage women and make them employable in various sectors like Beauty and spa, Tailoring and Fashion Technology, Handicraft, Medical and Nursing and Information & Technology. 

Education :

Education in the field of skill oriented areas is prime objective of this program. The specific tailor made programmes for the skill development of socially disadvantaged groups (OBC, ST, NT, Minorities and women) are organized in various regions of the states, including the less developed areas. Especially, to use the natural talents of girls and women who have no special skills, both in the urban and rural areas, so that they may be drawn into the national economy. To educate girls and women through community based education schools to increase literacy rate in the target area with active involvement of the communities.

Employment :

Employment or self employment increases strengthen women economically. To institute training methods on the job, so that needy persons may be enabled to both earn and learn. To assist in the marketing of products made by them so that the training and upgrading of the needy may be undertaken as far as possible on a self-supporting basis. Support women to start their own small enterprise through providing financials aid and availing finance through government agencies and banks. After the course the women either find employment in private companies or are employed as wage workers or entrepreneur through Pragatee Foundation. Some have even set up on their own units.

Empowerment :

Empower women and enhance their capacities through education and training so that they can contribute to the process of sustainable development. The empowerment of women comprises right to (i) have and determine choices, (ii) have access to opportunities and resources, (iii) Have the power to control their own lives - both within and outside the home.

Project Outcome

More than 70% of the beneficiaries would continue with their Endeavour after the course as they will get good opportunities. Employable Skill Oriented Courses will reduce the chances of participants missing out on good career & employment opportunities.

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    by Pragatee Foundation on November, 26 2016



    Are you thinking about charity ? Are you thinking about sponsoring underprivileged area women ? We give you an opportunity to help poor and needy underprivileged area women by sponsoring them for obtaining training in employable skill training program. Hurry up!!! your one click of donation will help someone to earn their bread and butter. Uddan Flying towards self reliance is the project which helps women to learn and earn through various employable skill training program. For more details please visit 

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